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Festival Tour 2015

Generally speaking, the Shoton Festival comes in each August according to the Gregorian calendar, and it falls on the 14th, August, 2015. Travelling to Tibet in summer is very comfortable thanks to good weather, yet August is also the very peak season in the Tibet tourism owing to worldwide summer vacations. The days when the festival precede sees the peak time at this peak season, there will be definitely no hotel, guide or vehicle left available if late booking. If you decide to join in this cultural gala on the roof of the world, we suggest you book a tour as early as possible.

What follows are some of the best selected tour packages for your summer vacation, not only with the must-see festival highlights included but also with the unique and breathtaking Tibet natural beauties.

Besides, we are able to operate Tibet tours all year around, if you want to travel to Tibet at non-festival time, feel free to contact us and we are happy to help you too. What follows are some of the most popular Tibet tour packages for you to choose.