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Tibetan tourism in 2012 themed happiness

2012-05-28 11:41:35 | From: China Tibet Online

Tibetan tourism in 2012 will be featured as "Happy Tour in Tibet", according to Tibetan Tourism Bureau. As a result, the marketing will focus on "happiness".

Themed tourism year is an effective strategy of promotion and it goes well with the development of tourism. Guided by this strategy, tourism courses will be multi-functioned and well structured. As for consumers, traveling in Tibet would mean fashion and fun.

Themed tourism year can be traced back to "Friendly Tour" launched in 1992 by the National Tourism Bureau. This time, Tibet combines the national strategy with its unique tourism, and comes up with the themed tour of 2012, "Happy Tour in Tibet". This is an opportunity to enrich its natural and cultural tourist products and push the tourist service into a new level.

Happiness is a feeling, and how to influence others would be a challenge to Tibetan tourism. Tsering Dondrup, Deputy Director of Tourism Promotion and Cooperation Department of Tibetan Tourism Bureau, is pretty confident about this. "Tibetan people are happy, for our living condition is changing and we are enjoying a prosperous culture, a comfortable environment and convenient transportation." Happiness comes from the spirit of inclusiveness and respect, being content and grateful. Lhasa, which has topped "The happiest cities in China", now is a synonym of happiness.

"Happiness in Lhasa is felt by everyone, including tourists here. Dynamic ethnical feature, profound human and historical courses and breathtaking natural sceneries would present you a harmonious Tibet. In the paradise, you can find the essence of happiness: a sense of inner peace and sublimation of the soul. This is the true glamour and value of Lassa," said Tsering Dondrup.

Various characteristic and fashionable tourist products surely will guide you to happiness in Lhasa.