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Tibet sees 33% tourism growth in 2011

2012-05-28 11:46:04 | From: China Tibet Online

Tibet received 8.5 million tourists and earned a tourism revenue of 9.5 billion yuan in 2011,an annual increase of 24.1 percent and 33 percent respectively.

Festival has been the biggest attraction towards tourists from home and abroad. The week-long Shoton Festival in summer, the peak travel season, alone drew 906,400 tourists to Tibet.

As tourism is a pillar industry for Tibet, the regional authorities have set a target of attracting 15 million tourists in 2015 with tourism revenue of 18 billion yuan.

2011 also saw Tibet achieving double-digit gross domestic product growth, the regional government chairman said recently.

Tibet's GDP is estimated to expand by 12.6 percent year-on-year to 60.5 billion yuan ($9.6 billion) this year, Padma Choling told the annual regional economic work conference.

The per capita disposal income for urban population rose at an estimated annual pace of 7.8 percent. Meanwhile, the per capita net earning for farmers and herdsmen climbed 13.6 percent year-on-year, the ninth year for double-digit growth, said Padma Choling.

Local authorities continued to build roads and bring water, electricity, gas, telecommunications, radio and television, and postal service to remote regions this year, he said.